Safe Teens Online


I became an ambassador for Safe Teens Online and I met with other members for a discussion about privacy policies of popular social media platforms and online safety. We each shared our personal experiences and stories to raise awareness and I’m glad to be a part of this and will be doing more.



Safe Teens Online is a program created by teenagers to promote online safety to other teenagers. Technology and internet are great tools to learn, chat, or simply have fun. But meanwhile people are relying on them, they should also gain knowledge of some online dangers like cyberbullying and how to prevent or deal with them.

I made a video both in English and Chinese to talk about computer security and privacy setting. As I was teaching people how to protect privacy during this project, I also realized how a simple action can save one’s data from being compromised. I hope people can check or set their own computer and benefit from this video. I’m also planning to do a part 2 following the topic of online safety.