One Woman Exhibition – After Rain

OCT 2020 | Morven Museum & Garden Princeton, NJ – Solo Exhibition 

Presented an exhibition of jade design sketches/finalized products and art pieces (20+) at Morven Museum which is situated in the heart of Princeton, NJ, and showcases the rich cultural heritage of the Garden State through regular exhibitions, educational programs, and special events.

Though I have been to many art shows, I have never thought I would hold a solo exhibition at this age. This year, I was encouraged by my teacher and peers. After much negotiation and communication, I was able to realize this dream.

I originally planned the exhibition to take place in May, but it was postponed because of the pandemic outbreak. Fortunately, I was able to hold a smaller-scale show on October 23rd.

The exhibition went extremely well – laughter, compliments, flowers everywhere. I have learned to become more confident through this experience because I now know my capability.